Battle Pass FAQ

  • What is the Battle Pass?

The Brawlhalla Battle Pass is 85 tiers of exclusive rewards you can unlock by playing Brawlhalla and completing missions. You automatically earn the great rewards on the free track as you progress. If you choose, you can unlock the incredible Gold track rewards by buying the gold Battle Pass.

  • How long will the Battle Pass last?

The Battle Pass season lasts 12 weeks. Each week unlocks new missions you can complete to help you make progress on your Battle Pass. When it ends, you keep all the rewards you earned.

  • What are Battle Gems?

Battle Gems measure your progress toward your next Battle Pass reward tier. Each Battle Pass mission shows the Battle Gems you’ll earn by completing it.

  • What are the different types of missions?

There are three types of missions that earn Battle Gems – Daily, Weekly and BPXP missions. Missions can be completed in all matchmade games except for Brawl of the Week.

You get a new daily mission every day. You can have up to three Daily missions queued. Once a day you can re-roll to replace one of your daily missions with a new one.

New weekly missions unlock each week on Wednesday and remain available until the end of the Battle Pass. Complete 4 of a week’s missions to earn bonus Battle Gems.

A BPXP mission is always available until all 100 are complete. This mission can be completed in all matchmade games.

  • What about the Podium and Skin missions in the bottom left?

If you have unlocked the Gold Track, these are special mission trackers that track your progress in upgrading your Progression Podium and Progression Skin.

  • Where is the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass tab in the main Brawlhalla menu will take you to a Battle Pass menu that shows you your available missions and the rewards you have earned.

  • Is Battle Pass free?

Everyone who plays Brawlhalla gains access to the Free Track of the Battle Pass, and can complete missions to unlock the great rewards on the free track.

  • What can I get on the Free Battle Pass Track?

On the Battle Pass Free Track, you can unlock 4 Avatars, 3 Emoji Skins, 2 Emotes, a Sidekick, 14 Color Scheme rolls, a Weapon Skin, and a Title.

  • How much is the Gold Battle Pass Track?

In the United States on PC the price is $9.99. The price will vary depending on region and device.

  • What is the Deluxe Pass?
The Deluxe Pass is a new upgrade option for Battle Pass 9 that includes exclusive items, 25 Tier skips, and access to all Free & Gold Track Items. This is an optional purchase to those who would like to accelerate through the rewards track.
  • How much is the Deluxe Pass?
In the United States on PC the price of the Deluxe Pass with the Gold Pass included is $24.99. If the Gold Pass is already owned, the Deluxe Pass upgrade is $14.99. The price will vary depending on region and device.
  • Can I buy the Deluxe Pass if I already bought the Gold Pass?
Yes, there is a Deluxe Pass upgrade that you can purchase if you already own the Gold Pass. The 25 Tier skips will still be used wherever you are on the rewards track.
  • Can I buy only the Deluxe Pass?
Since the Deluxe Pass is an upgrade for the Gold Pass, the Deluxe Pass is purchasable as a bundle with the Gold Pass or separately as an upgrade for the Gold Pass only if you already own the Gold Pass.
  • Where do I unlock the Gold Battle Pass?

Click the gold unlock button in the bottom left corner of the Battle Pass reward screen.

  • How do I unlock the Deluxe Pass or Deluxe Pass upgrade.
The Deluxe Pass and Deluxe Pass upgrade can both be found by clicking the gold unlock button in the bottom left corner of the Battle Pass reward screen.The option for the Deluxe Pass upgrade will only be available if you’ve already purchased the Gold Pass.
  • How many Mammoth Coins can I get from the Gold Track?

You can earn a total of 200 Mammoth Coins on the Gold Track.

  • Can I go back and complete previous week’s missions?

Yes, once a week’s missions have unlocked you can complete them at any point during the 12 week duration of the Battle Pass.

  • Can I unlock the color scheme for future Legends?

If you unlock the final color reward on the Battle Pass Gold Track, you will unlock the colors for all future Legends as well!

  • How do I level up my Battle Pass?

Earning Battle Gems will tier up the Battle Pass and unlock more content. You get Battle Gems from completing missions.

  • What is BPXP?

BPXP advance your “Earn BPXP” mission. You earn BPXP automatically by playing any matchmade Brawlhalla game except Brawl of the Week. Completing your “Earn BPXP” mission will earn Battle Gems and unlock a new, more challenging, “Earn BPXP” mission.

  • How many “Earn BPXP” missions can be unlocked?

There are 100 “Earn BPXP” missions that can be completed.

  • What happens if I play through the Battle Pass and later upgrade to the Gold Track?

You immediately unlock everything up to your current tier along the Gold Track! But remember, you can only upgrade during the Battle Pass season.

  • What if I don’t understand a mission?

For many of the new missions, you can select the missions and a tooltip will pop up giving some hints on how to complete the mission.

  • Can I speed up my progression on the Battle Pass?

There are Battle Gem multipliers on the Gold Track that speed up your progress. If you are in a big hurry, you can also use Mammoth Coins to immediately unlock tiers of your Battle Pass.

  • What happens when the 12 weeks are over?

This Battle Pass season ends, and you keep all the exclusive Battle Pass rewards you unlocked.

  • How do I level up my Progression Skin and my Progression Podium?

There are two extra general missions that you can complete to level these up. You can see your progress for these missions on the bottom left of your mission page in the Battle Pass tab or after you finish a match. These missions do not go away when the current Battle Pass season ends.

  • How many levels are there for my Progression items?

You can level your Progression Skin and Progression Podium two times each for a total of three different levels.

  • How do I equip different levels of my Progression Skin and Progression Podium?

By default, you equip the highest level of the Skin or Podium you have unlocked. Optionally, you can equip previous versions of your Progression Skin and Progression Podium by going into System Settings and setting the “Collapse Upgrades” option to “No.” Now when you are selecting your Skin or Podium, they will be listed as additional options for you to equip.

  • What do I get for completing every mission in the Battle Pass?

You are awarded a special avatar themed after the Battle Pass for completing every single mission.

  • Do I need to buy the Deluxe Pass to earn the Completionist Avatar?
No. The Completionist Avatar is unaffected by the Deluxe Pass. It is still earned by completing all Weekly Missions and hitting Tier 85.